How to become a user of electronic tax services?

Taxpayers benefit from access to electronic tax services through the IAS "Taxpayers Personal Office", free of charge, accessible on the portal

If the individual (natural person) is the head of a taxpayer's entity, according to the information in the STS IS database coming from the SRLE of the PSA, the system automatically identifies the respective entities and assigns them to the user's account of the holder. In order to benefit from the stipulated electronic tax services for legal entities, the head of the entity will take the following actions:

a) will initially authenticate himself in the IAS " Taxpayers Personal Office" on the portal with the status of a natural person/individual (citizen of the Republic of Moldova);
b) will electronically sign the confirmation of acceptance of the present Regulation for each taxpayer, assigned automatically to his user account;
c) will manage the access to the electronic tax services, individually, through IAS "Personal Cabinet of the Taxpayer" to the responsible persons within the taxpayer;
d) will access the electronic tax services.

The use of electronic tax services through IAS " Taxpayers Personal Office" is regulated by the STS Order no. 125 dated 24.02.2020.