Dear pupils, students, teachers,

The State Tax Service places considerable importance on citizens’ awareness of the obligation to pay taxes and duties, on the voluntary compliance of individuals and legal entities. In this sense, an important role belongs to fiscal education and this education is good to start from childhood.

In this way of thinking, the expression "children are our future" acquires new meaning.

The importance of fiscal education:

  • Fiscal education will make you responsible and capture you towards a better understanding of the issues related to: how does collecting money in the budget work, what is the importance of paying taxes and duties? How important is paying taxes? And many more besides…
  • A healthy fiscal education will help you not to have arrears, to understand how tax returns and payments work.
  • Due to a strong fiscal education you will know how taxes are collected and managed by the state and what is your role in this process.
  • Fiscal education helps you to be civically active by using the 2% percentage designation mechanism.
  • Fiscal education contributes to the increase of the number of adults with a responsible fiscal attitude and has an impact on the economic evolution of the whole society.
  • Fiscal education gives you the opportunity to become a responsible and financially independent adult.
  • People with a level of fiscal education are more likely to be successful in life.

In conclusion, the civic and fiscal education of young people must be perceived - as a natural responsibility.