Beginner’s tax guide – tax issues

What did we aim for in this guide?

  1. to help you identify an organizational-legal form that would suit your situation;
  2. to guide you in aspects regarding the obtaining of a permissive act;
  3. to provide you with some information and references regarding the registration of the enterprise;
  4. to make you acquainted with the types of taxes and fees to be paid, with the regulation of rates and the specifics of their application and some facilities for them;
  5. to guide you in aspects related to the type of reports to be submitted to the STS and the deadline for their submission;
  6. to help you find out if it is necessary to use cash register equipment;
  7. to make you aware of the types of tax infringements and contraventions that could occur as a result of non-fulfillment of obligations;
  8. to make you acquainted with some aspects related to performing tax audits;
  9. to inform you how the procedure for examining cases of tax infringement generally takes place;
  10. to ensure your knowledge of the most important information and communication channels that would contribute to the optimization of the communication with the STS, first of all on issues related to the presentation of tax reports.


No matter what field you plan to work in, you can make a bigger profit by planning the business initiation. One way to start is to describe the business concept in a business plan.

The business plan is a tool that helps you plan your business initiation. In the business plan, describe how you plan to implement the business concept so that you have clear objectives for your operations. Think carefully about the business concept before starting it. Describe:

  1. What service or product will you sell/provide;
  2. Who will buy the service or product;
  3. Market;
  4. Advantages and disadvantages compared to competitors;
  5. Tax consequences that form as a result.

The business plan must be easy to understand. Although it should be concrete, it should also be attractive. Keep in mind that suppliers and customers may want to see your business plan.

A business plan can vary in detail depending on the nature of the business. It must be a viable document that keeps pace with business development and is regularly updated. Only when you have a good understanding of what you want to do in business and how should everything be done can you be more persuasive to get others to listen and be interested.

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